Wood Fire Oven  

The Wood Oven is the focal Point for our food at urban union. We burn a combination of oak, cherry, and apple woods. Out of the wood oven comes whole roasted fish, duck breast, mixed olives, bone marrow, and rapini… or whatever else we can get in there.

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From the Land comes wonderful organic produce and meats. We strive to obtain farm fresh products daily at Urban Union. Free range lamb, pig, and ducks, local farm raised tomatoes, arugula, squash blossoms and spinach.

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What the ocean gives us, we love at urban union. We focus a good portion of our time to seafood. squid, mussels, snappers, oysters, wild salmon and soft shell crab just to name a few. With the great amount of white wines on our list and by the glass, the pairing possibilities are endless. A great way to start your meal.

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Wine is a Focus at Urban Union. We specialize in european selections. From Spain, Italy, France, Germany and AustriaWe have 6 wines on tap dispensed from our custom hand milled wine system, 30 wines by the glass, and 170 selections in the bottle. We don’t do standard mark ups because we want you to be able to try several different wines and not be broke. Grower Champagnes only at the U. If you are a wine lover you will love Urban Union.

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Urban union create our charcuterie in house. Salami, Pickled cows tongue, blood mortadella, tessa, foie gras terrine and more. We change our selection often so there are always several new items to enjoy.

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