Giordano’s – 730 North Rush Street, Chicago


 730 N Rush St, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

 +1 312-951-0747

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Best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

5 thoughts on “Giordano’s – 730 North Rush Street, Chicago

  1. Best Chicago Pizza.

    In my opinion, Giordano’s does Chicago Pizza the best. Some call it deep dish, but really it’s a stuffed pizza. Extra deep, cheese and ingredients in the middle, another thing layer of dough, then sauce on top. You can maybe eat two slices before you’ll get full.

    This location is newly renovated and they’ve increased seating capacity. It’s my favorite downtown location as wait times are typically a bit shorter here.

    Things to know – prepare to wait! Giordano’s locations downtown are generally always very busy. It also takes an hour to get your stuffed pizza so be patient! Drink some of that nice local beer they have on tap while you wait. I would not bring young children here as they’ll get tired of waiting before your stuffed pizza arrives.

  2. Megan Maxim says:

    Giordano’s definitely has the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. The crust is very buttery, the pizza itself is loaded with lots of cheese, and the sauce is very flavorful and tasty without being too salty. Granted it does take at 45 minutes for the pizza to bake. However, it is well worth the wait. I highly recommend getting there early to get the best experience. Also, don’t forget to buy some frozen pizzas to get the taste of a real Chicago pizza at home!

  3. Kay Westenfelder says:

    Overrated. We went there since recommended in our travel guide. Had a small deep dish and a starter plate for two. Was more than enough. Starters were alright. The pizza was disgusting. Sorry but tomato sauce tastes like out of an cheap pasta sauce out of the supermarket. The cheese is all over and has no own taste at all. And the rest of the ingredients are only drowning in tomato and cheese. Even if I was getting money for eating it I wouldn’t do it again.
    Service was very polite and helping by the way.

  4. munira garipulina says:

    I have eaten pizza from Giordano’s a few times, but only in the restaurant one time. I was on a trip with my husband and we met up with my best friend that lives in Chicago. We were greeted and had friendly interactions with all the staff while we were there. The pizza takes a long time to cook, but we were warned of this before ordering. And it was more than worth it! The food was delicious, really great atmosphere, and friendly staff. We will definitely be going back when we are in the area! Since this visit we have had our first child and although there are several restaurants we would not continue to go back to now that we have a child, Giordano’s is not one of them because they are very family friendly.”

  5. Aristomenis Kardaras says:

    Our pick for Chicago style pizza. There was the expected waiting to be seated, which is understandable for the time we visited it.
    The appetizer dish we ordered tasted great, pizza was “OK”, but flavor is a personal thing (still.. For a non American, I went there to experience the pizza style), but the service was really slow.
    Even though we let the server know we had to catch a train, it took her more than 15′ to bring the check and take-away boxes.

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