The Art of Pizza – 3033 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago

 The Art of Pizza

 3033 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, USA

 +1 773-327-5600

(5 reviews)

Best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

5 thoughts on “The Art of Pizza – 3033 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago

  1. Amazing slice selections, super tasty. The staff is very helpful. Not to many places in the city you can go to and get a deep dish by the slice. Slices are fresh also, they typically have about 5 different rotations going. If you come in wanting Pepperoni and Sausage on a stuff pizza you will be very satisfied. Please be courteous with guy behind counter, they answer the same question 1000 times a day on what’s available for slices. Maybe owners should make signs of the topping next to the pies.

  2. Ryan Hayes says:

    I’m impressed. So I’ve always eaten here in the past but one stuffed pizza I ordered wasn’t the best and I started going other places. Well I took advantage of one of their Daily Special Dinners (which comes with tons of sides to make it a great value buy) and decided to order the Art Special Stuffed Pizza and it was on point. It was literally perfectly done. I will be making them my go to again!

  3. Sarah Thoreson says:

    This place has no frills… it’s basically a little spot in a strip mall, but man, the pizza was good. We ordered by the slice. I think if we ordered a freshly made pizza rather than the slices that had been in the warmers, this would have been a five star rating.

  4. Marc Armstead says:

    We just stood in line at the Sears Tower (I know) for 3 hours + all through the dinner hour. We got out and drove straight to The Art of Pizza. The staff were so friendly and helpful and we were eating some of the best pizza I’ve ever in minutes.
    The Art of Pizza saved our lives and brought joy to our hearts.
    Thank you!

  5. OurCrazyBeautifulSparkly Life says:

    Nice super casual pizza stop. Stuffed slice was tasty, could have been a little bit warmer but the sauce was great and 1 slice fills you up. Staff was friendly. They have assorted desserts too.

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