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434 W. Ontario St.|312-929-2850

VictoryItalian.com Neighborhood: River North
Food: Italian
Ambiance: Mangia!Entree rate range:$8-
$33 Sound level: Lounge
Private room: Seats 80 Bookings: Accepted Wheelchair-accessible: Yes All restaurant meals are spent for by Crain’s customers, who check out
dining establishments anonymously . They often

follow up with call to management after they visit to clarify information.The agnolotti($20)on Triumph Italian’s menu brands itself” Bacon Fest winner”and nests inside a printed box, showing that the dining establishment considers it its best foot forward. Close your eyes and picture the taste of ricotta-filled pasta, Parmesan cheese, bacon and sage-butter sauce. That’s precisely what it tastes like, and exactly what this dining establishment is.Victory Italian is qualified, conservative and unambitious. Similar to takeout pizza– uncoincidentally, due to the fact that it, in addition to a handful of other newly opened full-service Victorys, injects new energy into the brand name established at Armand’s Triumph Tap in La Grange, now most familiar for the takeout/delivery thin-crust pizza chain Armand’s. The relocation towards sit-down dining comes with the aid of Joe Farina, previous head chef of the Rosebud chain.Like the Rosebuds, Victory bricks its menu with no-nonsense, no-surprises classics. Baked clams($ 11)are winners, served hot with crispy breadcrumbs. Sandwiches ($8-$12)show a great deal of vibrant Italian meats and cheeses and a boatload of tasty marinara sauce

. Joe’s Mom’s meatballs bob up in a number of dishes.”Old-school”describes not simply the pasta here but many other dishes. The restaurant scores points for dependability but loses points for predictability.The appearance of Victory Italian also situates the consumer in the familiar red-sauce world. Wood, copper and black-and-white images of Cary Grant, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and other era-mates line the walls. Loungey, Rat Packy music plays. You could host a customer you understand absolutely nothing about here, on the theory that it’s absolutely safe.THE TORTOISE IS

THE VICTOR It’s tough to generalize about Success’s service. On one visit, our server was chatty and flirty. On the other, a different server was taciturn and enervated. The only commonality on the two visits was the speed: slow.In the spirit of abbondanza, parts befit two or three. The complimentary garlic bread, a so-called individual-size

salad and a pasta or pizza would sate two typical lunch-eaters. The”Lunch & Late Night”

menu, which appeared on just our second check out, uses sandwiches big enough for 2 lunches.Armand’s takes place to be my family’s go-to takeout pizza. Triumph Italian’s immediately showed the familiar a little sweet sauce and Parmesany cheese blend, however the crust was

thicker all around, more like a crispy breadstick. Armand’s takeout from our area branch is soft in the middle and crispy only at the still-thin crown.