Byron’s Hot Dog – 1701 West Lawrence Avenue, Chicago

 Byron’s Hot Dog

 1701 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60640, USA

 +1 773-271-0900

(5 reviews)

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5 thoughts on “Byron’s Hot Dog – 1701 West Lawrence Avenue, Chicago

  1. I’m a burger lover, and they make delicious burgers. They’re super juicy, you get to pick your toppings, and the meat is really good. All for a cheap price in a nice diner atmosphere.

  2. Mayra Jones says:

    The hot dog was delicious. The prices were average and the location was easy to find. The service was fast.

  3. Jango IG88 says:

    What a great lunch!!! The hot dogs are a special blend of high quality meats buns and top notch condiments. The flavor is tremendous and memorable. The service is extremely friendly and energetic with great attention to detail. The restaurant is very clean fresh and well lit. This is a simple but effective establishment that is great for people of all ages and Daniels of all sizes. The soft drink selection will make every guest smile. I had a terrific orange soda and bought one to go. Attend!!!!!

  4. b v says:

    Very expensive. Food was decent. Definitely have to bring a decent amount of cash. Clean. Free refills on all drinks. Overall, I would recommend to people who dont mind spending a lot of money on food

  5. Green Flamingo says:

    Love the burger,but the soft drink area needs a good cleaning ceiling to floor. Don’t let this post keep you away. You’ll miss a Chicago original. And that’s not good!

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