Downtown Dogs – 804 North Rush Street, Chicago

 Downtown Dogs

 804 N Rush St, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

 +1 312-951-5141

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5 thoughts on “Downtown Dogs – 804 North Rush Street, Chicago

  1. Pretty good hot dogs for a small joint. Great hours and location near several bars and several businesses. The staff is generally helpful, and the food is pretty good. If you’re in the mood for a hot dog and in the area I would recommend here over most places nearby. It’s better than you expected, but you still knew what to expect.

  2. Heather Smith says:

    Great little gem, off the beaten path. Excellent food, service was great, friendly staff. Very limited seating. Small inside. Recommended takeout place. We sat at the counter/window seat. Only ~8-10 seats inside, no bathroom available. Worth it for the food!!!! A must go for a quick bite! Try the Italian beef, sausage or a Chicago hot dog!

  3. Alliekat Lewis says:

    For a Californian it felt like an authentic Chicago experience close to my hotel. I love their fresh cut fries. I should have gotten a Large but I got a small. The downtown dog was pretty good a little smaller than I thought but good.

  4. Mike Behlen says:

    This may have been the best hot dog I’ve ever eaten — no lie. The chili is good.

  5. Gena Brown says:

    Really good hot dog and polishes. Really didn’t like the fries but they were good just a little too over cook for my taste great service outdoor seating really was a nice place even though it’s a little small you had seats in the inside and table service outside

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