Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

 Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

 1120 N State St, Chicago, IL 60610, USA

 +1 312-725-7777


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Best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

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5 thoughts on “Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

  1. jaclyn van laar says:

    My mind has been blown and I will never think of pizza the same way again. Nor will I ever taste a better pizza. This place serves a pizza beyond what I could have imagined. I found them advertised on Food Networks “you gotta eat here” and decided to visit when I went to Chicago…and I wasn’t disappointed!

    I only ordered their deep dish pizza and their Malnati’s salad. The pizzas bread is what first makes the pizza extraordinary. It’s flavor and taste is like nothing I’ve ever had before. Then the juiciness of the filling is greatly attributed to the sauce with extra chunks of tomatoes. The Chicago classic was the first pizza I had which was filled opposite than a regular pizza (cheese on the bottom, then sausage, then tomatoes and sauce). The Lou pizza is great too, but I’d highly recommend starting with the Chicago pizza. As said before, also order the salad as it is so refreshing and delightful.

    Because these restaurants can be so busy and the pizza takes a long time to order the seating hostess will offer to put in your order while you wait so it will be done when you get to your seat. I would recommend not doing this… At least not right away. We did this and although the pizza was still amazing it did come to our table a little cooler than when we got to sit at our table and served it right when it was done.

  2. Pam Myers says:

    Appetizer was good bread with cheese and spinach. I’m not a fan of Chicago style pizza or at least their most popular pizza. It was like a giant sausage patty with sauce and cheese. Need to try something different. They were busy and we were told 30 minute wait…50 minutes later we were seated after asking them the 3rd time..how long?….Waitress was very kind and good but the guy at the door was an idiot. The bus boys walked around like they were lost. Maybe it was their first day. There was 2 of us and 2 tables that were seated after us were served their food first. One was a table of 3 the other was a table of at least 8. Will try again when they aren’t busy.

  3. Arun says:

    Lovely deep dish pizzas and thin crust pizzas. Their garlic bread is to die for!!! Food is awesome where the pizza crust is different from other places that you wont even enjoy any other pizzas except Lou Malnati’s. We had a wait time of 1 hour at 6 PM in which they kept us periodically updated with our status in the queue through a mobile phone app. They had taken our order when we booked the table so we expected our pizzas to arrive quickly when we got the table. Unfortunately it took another 45 minutes for the order to be ready. However the tasty pizzas made it worth while and our patience paid it off. Highly recommend this place for their deep dish pizzas, thin crust pizzas and their garlic bread.

  4. Sakinah says:

    They do not sell their pizza by the slice. This is a big restaurant surrounded by other restaurants located on North State Pkwy and it seems to always be busy. At least that was the case during my (3) day stay.

    I ordered a personal size pizza — 6 inches & it was deep dish style. I don’t know whether that is the only type available, but the cost came to $9.98 and worth it. Crispy crust (not burnt), not too much sauce or cheese. Toppings were offered.

    Ample amount of seating, hostesses on staff seat the customers and I believe a wait is to be expected, and outdoor seating is available (I visited in 8/21/18).

  5. Giuseppe says:

    Being Italian, an open mindset is needed if you want to try the Chicago-style deep-dish pizza! Overall, the experience was good, worthy the hour-long wait (but you can preorder so no big deal!). Don’t be afraid of the huge portions: their pizza was even better the following day! I will definitely go back!

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