Lulu’s Hot Dogs

Lulu’s Hot Dogs

1000 S Leavitt St, Chicago, IL 60612, USA

+1 312-243-3444

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5 thoughts on “Lulu’s Hot Dogs

  1. Danny Garcia says:

    Me and my girlfriend came here after a doctors appointment. The staff was very very cool! We got alot of food and it was only $25.00. We will definitely be coming back anytime we’re in the area.

  2. Shirley Hurley says:

    It was alright, I wouldnt go there and stand in line again. The hot dog was very small, the condiments was more than the food. I dont see why they had a crowd. I guess there’s not to many places to eat around there. Service was pleasant, the food was so so.

  3. amara says:

    Great food! Best meatballs around! Outstanding friendly service!

  4. Shyrl Jones says:

    I’ve always loved this place. Great people. Comical and very fast. The food is awesome.

  5. Mi Lincoln says:

    I had a Gyros plate here. It was NASTY. The meat was cooked on a dirty grill. I know this because the meat had black specks on it. Some of the meat was burnt up and it all tasted weird. The Tzatziki sauce is like a generic store bought cream, no cucumber in it at all, and not good. The fries had a weird taste to them, that tells me either that oil is very dirty or they cook all kinds of different items in the same fryer. They gave me two pitas, which I have seen done before when they give you plenty of gyro meat. I really disliked the meat so I did not eat it all, but it did strike me as odd that they would give you two pitas considering how average the portion size was. The Gyros is up there with the worst I have ever had.

    I had my doubts about eating from this establishment when I walked in. It was a very hot, very humid, summer day and it was even hotter in here. There is no air conditioning. I was taking my “food” to go so I didnt really care but had I wanted to sit and eat there I would have skipped this spot. I dont like eating in hot weather.

    Based off of the Gyros, the Fries, and the lack of an air conditioned environment, I’m going to label this as a straight up hood/ghetto restaurant. Avoid it unless that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for.

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