Nottoli Italian Foods

 Nottoli Italian Foods

 5025 N Harlem Ave, Chicago, IL 60656, USA

 +1 773-631-0662

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Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich

Martin writes about food in Chicago. He loves Chicago favs including hot dogs, deep dish pizza and beef sandwiches. He also likes fine dining. When he is not blogging Martin travels and sees other cities in the US and in Latin America.

5 thoughts on “Nottoli Italian Foods

  1. Glen Lewis says:

    Needed a quick bite on the way to the airport and ran across this place after leaving the gas station. Wow! Great Italian beef sandwiches, but the meatball sandwich was the best I’ve ever had. Fantastic meatball and great sauce. The ladies working the counter were very nice and worked that counter like a champ! Happy accident running across this authentic Italian gem!

  2. Francis Tuzzolino Jr. says:

    The service was outstanding! Thank you! I’m especially satisfied with their pepperoni, dried sausage and the giadinara. The cold cuts and salad are also good but I really can’t take them back home since they’ll probably go bad. But, when I’m in town for awhile I’ll take it to my sisters home in Chicago & share it. I stop by on my way back home to CA every trip.
    Thanks again for the good food.

  3. John Swank says:

    These are the places you search for. Small family owned and in business for decades. Great sandwiches and subs. Italian products. Awesome friendly service. Join the family .

  4. Auto Immune says:

    Outstanding Italian store that keeps its simple charm while dishing out amazing sub’s, pizza, roast beef, Italian sausage, assorted cheeses, I can go on and on. Staff is family, they treat you warmly like family. So many of my family events have involved their fine cuisine. I have been coming here since the eighties. Customer for life.

  5. Katherine says:

    So I am from Philadelphia, and have lived in Chicago for nearly 14 years and I have NEVER had such a great Italian sub. I constantly crave my Italian hoagie, but can never find it in the city, until now! This place is AMAZING! Just order the Italian sub with no mayo or mustard and add red wine vinegar. Take a bite and you are back out east! Thank you Nottoli’s SO GOOD!!!! Highly recommend! The staff is warm, friendly and even let my daughter taste the salami to make sure liked it! I can’t wait to go back!

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