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Ohare ORD Restaurants L Terminal

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Chicago Dogs!

They are in between L gate between gates L4 and L6.

Chicago Ohare ORD restaurants have a lot of variety. But my favorite place is Gold Coast Dogs. It was a while ago when I discovered Gold Coast Dogs. I think they may have taught me what a real Chicago Dog is. I still love them today. If you’re leaving Chicago or visiting Chicago, this is the place for a real Chicago Dog. There is a delicious snap to the hot dog when you bite into it. The fixings, sport peppers, mustard, dill pickle and relish are perfect. They also got Italian Beef and they got sides. You’ll get fries and something to drink. The service is fast and friendly. I typically 3 Chicago Dogs. I eat two waiting for a plane. And I eat 1 Chicago Dog while I’m flying or when I land.



They’re open from 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Yep. That’s a long day. But you got to hustle to be a Chicago Dog restaurant.

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