Ohare Terminal 3 Restaurants

Terminal 3 has some of the best food options and so you’re in luck. If you’re wanting breakfast, pub food go to Publican. Else go to Tortas Fontera or La Tapenade.Looking for restaurants near Ohare airport?


This is pub food, comfort food, good food and it will fill you. Get a drink and spend some time here. You’ve got nothing but time in Terminal 3 and so why not spend it at Publican with a good drink, food and company? Here is our other review.

Here is a picture of yummy Publican food below.

Tortas Fontera

Tortas Frontera may be the winner of the most instagramed food in Ohare. We’re not sure because we stopped counting. Their food is yummy and good looking. Their service is fast. There’s a lot to like about Tortas Frontera.

This place is very popular. And for good reason. Their food rocks. Their food is beautiful, delicious and served fast. If you’ve not been here before you need to go. Seriously. If you find yourself in Terminal 3 this is the place to get some good food to make you feel better. Here is our other review located here. Here is o hare terminal 3 food and o hare terminal 2 food.


Where to eat in Ohare ORD Chicago Airport?
Restaurants in ORD Ohare!
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