Superdawg Drive-In

 Superdawg Drive-In

 6363 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60646, USA

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5 thoughts on “Superdawg Drive-In

  1. Bob-Pam Bouse says:

    Awesome dogs here! I have never gotten the hamburger or anything. Family and friends have gotten other things. Gotta love it all! You have to experience a Superdawg at least once in your life! We love both locations. The Wheeling one has better parking, etc. But whichever is closer, they both taste the same!

  2. Eric Munn says:

    There’s so much to love about Superdawg. It’s a drive-in. Every menu item has the word Super in it somewhere. They bring the food to your car with plenty of napkins. Their Superdawgs are just that super. The staff is smart, friendly, and fast. If only it were bigger.

  3. kyle kollar says:

    Appearance and cleanliness: 1/1
    Customer service: 1/1
    Quality: 1/1
    Popularity: 1/1
    Convince: .5/1
    *4.5 rounded to 5
    —Appearance and cleanliness: besides being small, it does have a really nice theme. The only issue is in the winter it gets cold inside when ordering or waiting for food. The big statues on the roof is very eye catching especially at night with its glowing eyes. There’s also an older rollerblading waitress theme parking lot.
    —Customer service: great and organized customer service, everyone knows exactly what to do and the food comes out normally in 5-10 minutes.
    —Quality: The food is amazing g and it’s a really popular place to grab lunch.
    —Popularity: everyone comes here for food while on vacation or if they live in the area. It’s well known and on many travel lists
    —Convince: The parking lot is a bit difficult and it gets cold inside but besides that it’s fast service.

  4. Joshua Starzyk says:

    Food is pretty good but the service is soooo slow. I really enjoy the hamburger hot dog, and sausage, and the hot dogs are quick because they are already steaming before you order but everything else is so slow to come out.

    Shakes are also good. The fries are good but not a big fan of the cheese fries. The fries also claim to be fresh but tasted like freezer burn on multiple occasions.

  5. Meg says:

    Very fun experience, helpful servers, and tasty drive in food. If it’s warm out it will be crowded and food is cooked fresh so don’t expect McDonald’s speeds. Sit back and enjoy the slice of old Chicago.

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