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Hot Dogs Near Me

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5 thoughts on “Wolfy’s

  1. Lois Kirkey says:

    Classic 1960s large hot dog stand across Peterson Avenue from Mather High School: cheerful America Graffiti vibe when the weather is nice, but a bit chilly when it’s not.
    Best menu item is the grilled chicken breast sandwich, delicious! Everything else is competent or better. Mediocre fries. Friendly staff. Superior alternative to the fast food chains.

  2. Sally Teeth says:

    Oh the food was so good! We were visiting Chicago with our daughter and her man. He picked it and it rocked. A little confusing at first, accents were great, yet for a minute it was like being in a foreign country, Italy or??? Really fun place! Who can resist a giant wiener sign!!!

  3. Philip Minefee says:

    Manager would rather give my money back instead of asking cook to change gloves. You can’t flip pita and make sandwiches with the same gloves after wiping down counter with soapy rag. Unsanitary and not worth risking health. Will not return.

  4. Rockin Rana says:

    I always come here if I am in the mood for a double cheeseburger or a gyro plate. They have everything you would expect from a fast food restaurant. They also have many daily specials and the food is reasonably priced. Another benefit is that they have parking, but no drive thru.

  5. Jay says:

    Good food, good prices, good service, go there at least 2 or 3 times a week

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